Saturday, February 20, 2010

Italian or British Rule: Which makes India suffer more?

Its been few months for new government of Sonia Gandhi's UPA has taken office in India and looks like country has gone behind by decades. The country is in news for all wrong reasons like price rise, agitations for new states, terrorist attacks, naxal attacks, and so on.

I was moved by tears of Mrs. Dhar from Kolkata who lost her two children in Pune bomb blast. In fact she went so numb that she could not even cry. What the hell of life unfortunate lady is going through. For no fault of her two brilliant children, they had to cost with their lives for some deadly motives of the freely bombing terrorists in India. There were Binita Gadani, P Sindhuri, Abhishek Saxena and many who met the same fate. Average age of those who all died in Pune blast was about 18 years... long 11 years younger than the age of Rahul Gandhi.

What must have made sensitive Indians more furious is the fact that the terrorist incident which was acknowledged and condemned by list of world leaders including President Barack Obama could not find even a little place in busy schedule of our great imported leader Sonia Gandhi. The leady who everybody knows is controlling the government with her iron hand tactics is so blind and insensitive that she did not even visit the blast site as a matter of show of solidarity with the families of those who lost their lives. Leave aside the visit to the site, she even did not read her comment written by her speech masters. Pity on your fate India. You endorsed such leadership through recent general elections!

As if this was not enough for Indians to suffer, bias and 24/7 pro-terrorism attitude by unworthy Indian media shocked the performing Indians (common Indians who contribute for progress of the country). When country was to be informed in detail about facts of the blast and the damage it caused in the form of losing India's future shapers, slaves of ruling dispensation were busy promoting movie of a second grade actor. Toeing the confused and politically motivated line of the government, media covered the whole incident in the most possible partisan manner. They kept on planting stories from Pak sponsorship to local Muslim groups to right wing angle. Even after one week of the incident, the blast investigation has not progressed. There are no arrests yet. The moment government finds politically suitable position to take, we all know Chidambaram will disclose XYZ group has conducted the blast and we Indians have to believe blindly his masters theory.

When things like investigation of blasts, control over rising prices, satisfactory approach to the new states creation issue (Telangana) need to show progress, we are shocked by the government again by progressing on the Indo-Pak peace talks. When you are stoned from all angles, you instead of shielding yourself or retaliating are made to offer blood stained olive leaf to the perpetrators themselves. What a pity again.

In the last few months, ministers must have made crores of rupees, media channels must have earned their share, terrorists must have earned their share, Political agents must have got their share. Citizens continue paying increased prices, taxes to meet this government demand. As this was not enough, they are giving their innocent lives too for the sake of our noble ruling dispensation.

Jalianwala Baug was the defining moment for British Rule in India after which, Indians pushed the struggle for independence vigorously. I hope the Pune blast plays the same role to make India free from the Italian rule.

Bye for now.

If escaped from next blast, hope some more peace of mind here.

Arvind N